How to Study in the UK from Ghana?

Are you a Ghanaian student and dreaming to study in the UK? Your study abroad dream can be true if you follow the steps properly. The United Kingdom is such a country that provides an abundance of opportunities to international students. A student can take many foundations, bachelor’s, and postgraduate courses there. Let’s explore how to get a student to study in the UK from Ghana.

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    Benefits of a Ghananian Student studying in the UK.

    Every year many Ghanaian students enrol in British universities. To them, the facilities the United Kingdom provides are immense. There are many reasons Ghanaian students choose the United Kingdom for education. Such as-

    • Shorter degree

    While taking a foreign degree, the concern of international students often surrounds the financial matter. Studying abroad doesn’t only mean the cost of tuition fees. Along with the tuition fees, a student must pay the living cost. In this case, the UK is the most appropriate country to take a shorter degree. To complete graduation, it only takes 3 years.

    • Post study work permission

    Another remarkable reason that Ghanaian students choose the UK is for the Post study work permission. A student can work for 2 years after completing the education. It not only gives them the opportunity to earn but also helps them to gain work proficiency and skill.

    • World-recognised and top-rated university

    The reason behind taking an international degree is to have a standard education. The UK has world-recognised and top-rated universities. Each university has an expert and experienced faculty. The education system of the UK provides real-life education along with theory-based learning.

    • Standard teaching quality

    Ghanaian students often choose British education due to the standard teaching quality it provides. Taking a degree from this country will enrich a student’s academic and innate qualifications.

    • Scholarship opportunities

    Many students step back from international education due to financial matters. But UK education provides many scholarships and student loan facilities to international students. So a Ghanaian student can have various scholarship opportunities in the United Kingdom.

    • Work while studying

    The UK is such a country that provides opportunities for students to work while studying. The students choose this country because it gives them the opportunity to work 20 hours per week there. During the semester break, a student can work full-time.

    • Affordable tuition fees

    The United Kingdom has different ranges of universities. With tuition fees, there is also the scope of scholarships. A student can find many affordable universities while studying there.

    • Flexible entry requirements

    The students often choose the United Kingdom because it has a flexible education entry requirement. Besides, if a student has fewer qualifications, he can choose many foundations or pathway programs to get the required eligibility.

    • High standard of Living

    In the UK, an international student can have a high standard of living. This country open-heartedly accepts international students there.

    The admission process to study in the UK from Ghana

    There are some steps to follow to complete the admission process to study in the UK. The admission process is quite simple if you follow the process properly.

    • Match your academic and English language requirements to the entry requirements of a UK university while making an application.
    • Apply to the university by submitting all the required documents.
    • Get the offer letter
    • Enrol on a university
    • Get the CAS letter
    • Apply for the visa with all the necessary documents
    • After getting the visa, make arrangements to fly to the UK.

    Entry Requirements for Ghanaian Students to study in the United Kingdom?

    Studying in the UK as an international student needs to match the entry requirements. To qualify for a university program, a student must need some academic credentials. The basic entry criteria for applying to the UK are divided into 3 categories. They are- Age requirement, Academic score, and English language proficiency score.

    Age Requirement

    A student must be over 16 years or at least 17 years on the date of registration to study in the UK. But for the students who are under 18, must need a parental consent letter.

    Academic and English Language Requirements

    Besides the age requirement, a student must require to match the academic and English language requirement to study in the UK. It is very important to enrol in a university. Let’s know about the requirements.

    Undergraduates Entry Requirements

    To apply for the undergraduate program, students must be at least 18 years old. If you graduate from the Ghanaian education system, before entering a university’s undergraduate courses, you may be required to successfully complete a one-year international foundation course. To get entry onto a bachelor’s degree, UK universities accept the ( WASSCE/WAEC) West African Senior School Certificate with a minimum of 5 subjects at grade B or C Plus at a recognised university foundation course to get entry into a Bachelor’s degree. 

    You may also be accepted if you have a one-year undergraduate study at a recognised Ghanaian university with an average CGPA of 3.3 /4 or 3.5/5. Besides, for the international foundation course, you will be required to complete the WASSCE/WAEC with a grade of B or C in at least 5 subjects.

    Postgraduate Entry Requirements

    For the postgraduate degree, a Ghanaian student must require an upper second-class bachelor’s degree with an average CGPA of 3.3 out of 4 and 3.5 out of 5 from a recognised Ghanaian university.

    Do the UK accepts the study gap for the students of Ghana?

    Yes, the UK is such a country that accepts students with a study gap. For the bachelor’s degree, the gap of 2-3 years is easily accepted. And for the postgraduate degree, the gap of 5-7 years does make make any problem in getting admission. Besides, some universities accept students with more study gaps. 

    How to get a UK student visa from Ghana?

    The visa is the final and most important phase for students when they want to study abroad. Without a visa, it is impossible to get foreign education. To get a British visa, you must have-

    • You must be offered a course by a licensed student sponsor

    So your purpose to visit the United Kingdom is to study. Now before applying for a visa, you must have an unconditional offer letter from the university. When you have an offer letter along with a CAS, it’s a green signal that you are ready to apply for the visa.

    • Sufficient amount of money

    As an international student, you must have a sufficient amount of money to cover the tuition and living expenses in the UK. You need to keep the required amount of money in the bank account for at least 28 consecutive days to get the visa.

    • Medically fit

    As an international student, while you want to study in the UK, you might go through some medical tests to prove you are medically fit.

    • No Criminal Records

    If you have any criminal record, it may hinder you to get a student visa there. You must have a police clearance certificate to get a British degree.

    • Pass the credibility interview

    When you apply for a visa, you may need to face a credibility interview. The reason behind the credibility interview is to identify the real intention of the applicant. To get the visa, you must pass a credibility interview.

    • Visa application fee

    While making an application for a visa, you need to provide the visa application fee. 

    Required documents to get a student visa from Ghana.

    While applying for a visa, you have to provide some mandatory documents. All of the documents are very important because if you miss one, you may lose the chance of getting a visa. They are-

    • Visa application form
    • Tier 4 student visa
    • CAS
    • Bank statement to prove you are financially stable
    • Valid passport
    • Tuberculosis test report
    • Healthcare surcharge fee
    • Give your biometric information
    • Written consent for your application from the financial sponsor.

    Scholarship opportunities in the UK for Ghanaian students.

    Studying abroad isn’t always fascinating for international students. The matter of finance may bother them always. Many students often back off from their dream to study abroad. But in the United Kingdom, there are many scholarship opportunities available for international students. Some of the scholarships are-

    • GREAT Scholarship
    • Commonwealth Scholarship
    • The University of Reading Masters and PhD scholarships.
    • Nottingham Developing Solutions Scholarships.
    • Bristol University Think Big Scholarships
    • IOE Centenary Masters Scholarships and many more.

    Accommodation facilities to study in the UK from Ghana.

    So getting tensed about the accommodation in the United Kingdom? When you enrol in a university, ask the authority if they have any accommodation facilities or not. If they have the facility then what type of it is. Is it catered or self-catered? However, in the United Kingdom, you may find many private rented houses. While applying from Ghana, you can take the help of AIMS Education, a student consultancy firm that helps students study in the UK, USA, and Canada. AIMS Education has a partnership with, a private student housing agency in the United Kingdom. We can help you find your accommodation there.

    FAQ- Frequently Asked Question

    Q. How much does it cost to get a student visa from Ghana to the UK?

    Ans: To apply for the British Tier 4 student visa, a student needs to pay a fee of 348 GBP. You may pay the fee online, at a visa application centre in Ghana, or through a bank transfer.

    Q. What are the main steps to getting a British student visa?

    Ans: To get a British visa, you have to pay the visa application fee through the UK visa website. You may also book an appointment at the visa application centre in Ghana. After that, you will receive a GWF number which you will use to register on the Ghana Visa application website. Provide biometrics and other identification documents. Lastly, apply for the visa interview. If everything is ok then you will get a British student visa.

    Q. How much does it cost to study in the UK from Ghana?

    Ans: The money a Ghanaian student will need to study in the United Kingdom will depend on the university tuition fees and the living cost. There are many averages, medium, and highest-range universities available in the UK. When you get enrolled, you need to pay the course fee for 1 academic year for up to 9 months and the living cost ( for up to 9 months). The living cost is different for staying outside and inside London. You have to £1334 per month to stay in London and £1023 per month to stay outside of London.

    Q. What are the requirements to study in the UK from Ghana?

    Ans: You must match the academic and English language entry requirements to study in the United Kingdom.

    Q. How can I study in the UK from Ghana?

    Ans: If you want to study at the British University, you have to follow some processes. First, select a university according to your eligibility and the university’s entry requirement. After getting selected, apply for the visa with all the necessary documents. Be prepared for the interview also. When you get the visa, arrange your ticket to fly to your desired study destination.

    Q. What are the English Language requirements for Ghanaian students to study in the UK?

    Ans: Most UK universities accept a Grade 6 or above in English on the West African Senior School Certificate Examination, IGCSE, IELTS and other English language qualification tests. However, if any Ghanaian student isn’t able to match the English language entry requirements, he can achieve the qualification by doing a pre-sessional English course.

    Q. How long does it take to process a UK visa from Ghana?

    Ans: A student should apply immediately after he has been accepted and enrol in a British university from Ghana. You should apply at least 3 months before the starting date of your course in the United Kingdom. After you have applied, for the decision, you may need to wait about 3-60 days.

    Q. How long a Tier 4 visa will valid in the United Kingdom?

    Ans: Generally, the Tier 4 visa will be valid for up to the course duration with an extra 1 month. It will help you to stay during the entire degree program in the UK. If you want to stay after your degree, you may need to renew your visa.

    Q. What are the best fields to study in the UK for Ghanaian students?

    Ans: The best fields to study in the UK for Ghanaian students are- Business administration, Accounting, Economics, Healthcare Management, Marketing, Information Technology, Real Estate, International Business etc.