How to Study in the UK from Pakistan?

The United Kingdom is the most popular study destination for the millions of Pakistani British education aspiring students. There are multiple reasons every year thousands of students start their journey to study in the UK from Pakistan. The remarkable reason behind students’ endless interest to study in the United Kingdom is its world’s best universities with the finest education.

Benefits of Studying in the UK from Pakistan.

Pakistani students want to study in the United Kingdom because it broadens their horizons and helps them to gain global exposure. British education helps them to take a degree that is universally recognised and turn them into a quality learner. There are many benefits of studying in the UK from Pakistan. Such as-

  • Internationally accredited and recognised high-quality degree

When a student leaves their home country with the purpose of taking a foreign degree, they want to take a degree that is internationally recognised and provides quality teaching. A degree that will take them to their dream job and help them to gain proficiency and experience. In this context, Great Britain is the favourite study location for students.

  • Opportunity to work part-time on a student visa

Studying abroad means the burden of finance for the international student. Pakistan is a developing country. So the expense is a big matter for students. For this reason, many students choose British education as it provides the opportunity to work part-time on a student visa. A student can work 20 hours per week while studying in this country, and during the semester break, they can work full time.

  • 2-3  years of post-study work permission after a degree

The British government gives a huge opportunity to international students to work in the United Kingdom after completing their education. The post-study work visa allows international students to stay up to 2 years after completing a degree. In the meantime, they can do a job or look for it. After a Doctoral degree, a candidate can stay for 3 years. So students are very enthusiastic to get a British degree.

  • Access to the world-class health service

While applying for a visa, a student needs to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge fee. By paying the fee, a Pakistani student will get the fee for NHS service. A student can consult the GP or nurse for any healthcare emergency.

  • Postgraduate students can bring dependents to study in the UK from Pakistan

Another reason students want to study in the UK from Pakistan is the scope of bringing dependents with them. When you take dependents with you, they can work or study full time there. 

  • Visa extension or switch opportunity

Students usually study in the United Kingdom for a specific period of time. The visa duration is usually for the study period and an additional one month. But if students somehow take much time to complete a degree, they can apply for a visa extension. Besides, after the degree, a student can switch their study visa to a Skilled worker visa. For this reason, many students want to study in the UK from Pakistan.

  • Global connection and top-level experience

Getting a British education not only helps students to get a world-class education but also broadens their horizons by mixing with global connections. It will help them to gain top-level experience and build strong insight.

  • Halal food, amenities, mosques for prayer, and freedom to practice religion.

As Pakistanis are Muslim, studying in another country like an English-speaking country creates a bit of fear in their mind. For this reason, students love to study in the UK from Pakistan. The United Kingdom has a large percentage of Muslim communities. A student can easily Halal food, mosques for prayer, and freedom to practice religion.

Entry Requirements to study in the UK from Pakistan?

Applying to a country from another must require to match the eligibility criteria. Every country has a different education system. Especially a student’s eligibility and entry requirements are mandatory when you are applying from a non-English speaking country to an English-speaking country. In this case, an international student must have English language proficiency and required academic qualifications when they want to take an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Undergraduate Courses to study in the UK from Pakistan

For Undergraduate courses direct entry, A Levels or International Baccalaureate with a specific grade or marks depending on the university and course you enrol. For Undergraduate courses with an integrated foundation year, 12 years of education, Intermediate Certificate, HSC or Hasaanvia Khasa with a minimum grade of 70%. A student must have a required Global English language test like IELTS, PTE, Duolingo, and many more. For IELTS, a student must require 6.0 with no band less than 5.5.

Postgraduate Courses to study in the UK from Pakistan

For Postgraduate Degree courses, A bachelor’s degree with a required GPA with a good English language proficiency score. It has also accepted students who have completed 2 years of bachelor’s degrees plus a 2 years Master’s degree.

Visa Eligibility to study in the UK from Pakistan.

To study in the UK from Pakistan and to get a visa, a student must need some eligibility to get a student visa. To get eligibility for the student visa, a student must-

  • Have an unconditional offer letter from a licensed student route sponsor.
  • Be able to speak, write, read and understand English.
  • Have enough money to bear the expense of tuition fees and living costs.

Required visa documents to study in the UK from Pakistan.

To get a student visa, a candidate must submit some mandatory documents to get a student visa in the UK from Pakistan. You will generally need these documents to get a student visa. As an example-

  • A current passport or other valid travel documents.
  • Evidence of a sufficient amount of bank statement to cover the tuition fees and living costs.
  • CAS ( Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) reference number and documents to obtain CAS.
  • Passport-sized coloured photographs.
  • Tuberculosis test.
  • Assessment document
  • ATAS clearance certificate

Additional documents students may need if they are-

  • Not a citizen of a country they are applying from.
  • Under 18 years of age
  • They want to bring their dependents with them.

Besides, if any of the supporting documents are not in English, they may need to be translated. When translated documents must be dated including the translator’s name and signature with the confirmation that all are accurate documents from the original paper.

Does the United Kingdom accept the study gap for students?

When you are from Pakistan and want to study in this country, don’t worry about the study gap. The United Kingdom is quite flexible regarding the study gap. No one can stop you from studying here in spite of the gap if you have a solid study record. For the undergraduate degree, the United Kingdom accepts the study gap of 2-3 years quite easily. You will find some universities that will accept more study gaps. For the Postgraduate degree, a 5-10 years study gap is easily acceptable. However, if you have fewer qualifications that are lesser than the general entry requirements, then you will find many foundations and pre-sessional English courses there.

Career options and growth for students to study in the UK from Pakistan.

There are many career options available for students who want to study in the UK from Pakistan. The immense career opportunities help students have a financial and sparkling career. By doing many part-time and full-time jobs, a student can gain huge career experiences. Besides, after taking a British degree, when you back to your home country and apply for jobs, the employers will give you more priority than the other candidates. You will be confident enough to make career growth.

Scholarship opportunities to study in the UK from Pakistan.

Getting a scholarship is a great chance to reduce the financial burden. Various renowned British universities offer effective scholarship programs for students. The United Kingdom is quite flexible in terms of student loans, grants, and scholarships. Let’s learn about some scholarships that the UK provides to Pakistani students-

  • Charles Wallace Trust Scholarship.
  • Commonwealth Scholarship
  • Chevening Scholarship
  • Rhodes Scholarship
  • Kingstone University International Scholarship
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarship
  • Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships

Accommodation facilities in the UK for Pakistani students.

When students want to study in this country, they may get worried about the accommodation facilities if they don’t find university-arranged accommodation. Although many UK university provides halls of residence. Besides, there are many private rental accommodations also available in the United Kingdom. But if some reason, you can’t get the accommodation facility, you can contact AIMS Education. AIMS Education is an education consultancy firm that helps students to study in the UK, USA, and Canada. In the United Kingdom, they have a partnership with amberstudent- a private rental accommodation agency. A student can stay here at an affordable price.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Question

Q. Can a Pakistani student do a job in the UK?

Ans: Yes, a Pakistani student can do part-time or full-time jobs in the UK. A student can work 20 hours per week during the term time and can work full-time during the semester break. Besides, after the completion of a degree, a student will get 2 years post-study work permit. At this time, a student can work full-time.

Q. How much does it cost to study in the UK from Pakistan?

Ans: The cost of studying in the UK mainly depends on which university and where you are studying. If you pick an affordable university outside of London, the cost will be much lower than studying inside London.

Q. Is the UK good for Pakistani students?

Ans: Yes, the United Kingdom is the best study destination for students to take a degree. There is an exceptional acceptance rate for student visas in Pakistan. The visa requirement for students is lenient. Even the study expense is lower than in other English-speaking countries.

Q. What type of visa do I need to study in the UK from Pakistan?

Ans: To study in the UK from Pakistan, a student needs a tier 4 or student visa. And to get a visa, he needs to complete all the requirements.

Q. Is a visa interview compulsory to study in the UK from Pakistan?

Ans: To get a visa, it is compulsory for a student to attend an interview. To face an interview is a must to study in Britain.

Q. Do On Campus accommodation available for international students?

Ans: Yes for the students of Pakistan, On Campus accommodation is available. Usually, when a university or college offers a hostel or dormitory to a student, it is called on-campus or Campus housing.

Q. What are the documents required for admission application to study in the UK from Pakistan?

Ans: The required documents for admission application to study in the UK from Pakistan are-
⦿ Official academic certificates and transcript of all the previous qualifications.
⦿ English language proficiency certificates.
⦿ Portfolio of works ( for art, design, architecture or film)
⦿ Two academic reference letters.
⦿ Statement of Purpose.
⦿ Up-to-date CV
⦿ Research proposal
⦿ Passport

Q. What are the popular subjects students choose to study in the UK from Pakistan?

⦿ Law
⦿ Business studies
⦿ Education
⦿ Engineering
⦿ Computer Science
⦿ Biological Science
⦿ Information Technology
⦿ Architecture
⦿ Human Resource
⦿ Medicine
⦿ Digital Marketing

Q. How to get admission to study in the UK from Pakistan?

Ans: To get admission to a British university, you don’t need to travel to the United Kingdom. You can do all the processes online. Usually, there are no admission fees. You will be asked to provide the fees when your admission gets confirmed.

Q. How long does the admission process take to study in the UK from Pakistan?

Ans: There is no specific admission time frame. The admission process time varies from institution to institution. However, the whole admission process time may vary from 5 to 8 weeks.

Q. When can I arrive in the United Kingdom from Pakistan?

Ans: Your arrival in the United Kingdom depends on the duration of the course. If your course duration is 6 months or fewer, you can arrive in the UK up to one week before. Moreover, if your course duration is more than 6 months, you can arrive in the UK up to one months before.

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