Are you intending to study in the UK but are worried about the study gap to study in the UK? I know gap years are a headache for many students studying in the UK. Many applicants are afraid of making an application due to their s gap years. The fear of rejection keeps them from pursuing their dream of studying abroad.

So, if you are wondering how long a gap is acceptable to study in the UK, we’re here to help. You will be glad to know that the UK is one of the most study gap-acceptable countries. Before knowing the duration of a gap is accepted to study in the UK, we should know what the study gap is.

What is the study gap?

The gap, or time-space, between your final qualification and the most recent qualification, is considered the study gap. After completing your higher secondary level, if you take a year to prepare yourself for graduation, it will be considered your gap years. If you do not study at a continuing level, take a break after completing a stage to haven’t any gap years.

How long is the study gap accepted in the UK?

You may be challenged to get admission when you have a study gap. In this case, the UK is quite flexible in accepting the gap years. As an international student, you can easily apply to many UK universities when you haven’t had a gap of more than 2 years.

How long is the study gap for bachelor’s in the UK?

You can apply to any UK university for a bachelor’s degree if your gap is not more than 2 years. A two-year study gap is accepted for an aspiring international student to study in the UK. But it doesn’t mean you can’t apply to UK universities when your gap is more than that. If your gap is 3 years, you can apply for a bachelor’s degree at some UK universities.

Besides, don’t worry if your gap is more than 5 years. Many universities will accept your application if you have a valid reason and justify the reason for not studying at this specific time. Sometimes, to get a visa for 5 years, you may need to do some diploma or another course to bridge the gap.

How much gap is accepted for the postgraduate degree in the UK?

For a postgraduate degree, you can apply to many UK universities with a gap of 5 years. The application rejection rate is comparatively low when your study gap is not more than 5 years. But there will be no difficulty in studying in the UK if the gap is 10–15 years. Many universities and institutions accept the gap if you have a valid reason. When the gap is high, a student may need to do a pre-masters/ diploma course to be eligible for post-graduation.

A way to make the study gap acceptable in the UK

Most universities have different policies to accept the gaps. Some universities are rigid about accepting the gaps when they are more than 2 years. On the other hand, many universities in the UK allow students to apply after many years of gap.
Whatever your gap is, if you are excellent in your studies and have a solid intention to study abroad in the UK, it will increase your chances of studying in the UK.

How to cover the gap in the UK?

  • Provide valid reason

You can cover the study gap in the UK if you have a valid reason or proper justification. No matter the reason for your gap, a proper reason can help you convince the application authorities. Family issues, health issues, and work can be the reasons for your gap years. No matter the reason, you must present it appropriately to the application office/immigration officer. Without a proper and valid explanation, you cannot get a student visa.

In this situation, the counselors of AIMS Education can guide you properly and make you ready for the interview if you have the right eligibility. If you have health issues, you may need to provide medical papers to the application officer. Moreover, if you worked or had an internship in between your studies, submit the offer letter, experience letter, or salary slips as evidence of the work.

  • Do some constructive work in the gap years

Furthermore, if you are willing to study abroad, make sure to be active throughout your gap years. Don’t sit idle. Rather, do jobs so that you can have a solid reason to study later. If you don’t engage in anything academically or professionally for a long time, you will be less likely to get accepted to study in the UK.

  • Show your goal and determination

However, when you want to study abroad, the application in charge/ immigration authority wants to check your intention. You have to convince the immigration officer about your purpose of studying abroad. When you convince them about your goal and determination to study in the UK, you may be accepted by the authorities.

When you have a study gap, it would be best if you take the help of a student consultancy firm. AIMS Education, a student consultancy firm, will suggest the best solution after learning your history. So, don’t worry about the gap in studying in the UK. Instead, visit our office, where our counsellors will show you the proper and authentic way to study abroad during gap years.

FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to justify the study gap?

Ans: A student can have gap years for many reasons. To justify it, a student must provide a genuine reason for it. When gap years happen, you have to meticulously spend the gap years doing many constructive activities like learning foreign languages, computer learning, internship, or jobs. 

Q: How many gap years are accepted to study in Canada?

Ans: For Canada, 2 years study gap is accepted for undergraduate applicants. And for postgraduate applicants, the gap years of 5 years can be accepted.

Q: How to explain gaps after graduation?

Ans: A student must provide a genuine reason to cover the gap years. You can give possible reasons like family issues, medical issues, doing a job, professional training, reappearing in the exam, etc.

Q: How do I cover a gap for the study visa?

Ans: To cover the gap years to study abroad, you should do some constructive work in your gap years. Besides, you should provide a valid reason without telling something unreasonable when justifying it.

Q: Which countries accept the gap years?

Ans: Many countries accepted the gap years. Such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia etc.

Q: How much gap is accepted in the USA?

Ans: For studying in the USA, a year’s gap is acceptable. However, if you have more gap years, you must provide a genuine reason with sufficient evidence.


  1. Muniba Munir July 17, 2022 at 4:26 pm - Reply

    I want to study UK but I dont know what should I study there? I am from Pakistan.

    • [email protected] October 13, 2022 at 4:12 am - Reply

      Please give us your full name , email address and and phone number. We will contact with you soon and discuss in details

  2. Saleen July 18, 2022 at 7:45 am - Reply

    I got 6 not less than 5.5 in one module and 4 years study gap.can I apply for UK study visa

    • [email protected] October 13, 2022 at 4:12 am - Reply

      Please give us your full name , email address and and phone number. We will contact with you soon and discuss in details

  3. Imon Ahmed September 3, 2022 at 10:22 pm - Reply

    About 5 years gap and I wish for study in uk

    • [email protected] October 13, 2022 at 3:58 am - Reply

      Please give us your full name , email address and and phone number. We will contact with you soon and discuss in details

  4. shahin miah September 8, 2022 at 3:36 am - Reply

    i completed my graduation on history in 2011 then i joint job of government health sector and till i want to study post-graduation in uk.i have english score OIETC -B2+.can i apply for higher study.

  5. Mita October 4, 2022 at 9:22 am - Reply

    Wants to know after hsc 8 years gap is it possible to apply student visa?

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