Are you looking for the best universities to study in the UK at foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate level? If so, then now it is the right time to start your application. Because applications in the UK universities are going on for September 2023 Intake.September is the main intake in the UK and most of the  universities are offering numerous courses for September intake 2023. As we have direct partnership with almost 100+ UK universities,we offer high-quality and professional services to prospective students worldwide.

September 2023 intake in the UK

The September 2023 intake is the most popular Session because most of the leading UK universities offer a diverse number of courses. So, if you want to take a higher education in the UK, undoubtedly September 2023 intake is a great opportunity for you. And if you are planning to study in the UK this year, then now it is the perfect time for you to prepare yourself. But if you are worrying about how you’ll be saving your time and money while applying through September intake, then you should consult with the top Counsellors of AIMS Education.

Now you can ask why AIMS Education? Well, AIMS Education, a British Council Certified agent and currently, it is also recognized as a UCAS registered centre. It provides a high-quality and professional UK university admission service and has already started the application process for the September intake 2023.

As the application for September intake is running, soon it will reach the deadline. So, don’t wait too long to start your application process. Now you may ask Why September intake? Well, we will discuss it here. Previously we said that September is the main intake in the UK. And through the September intake 2023, you can study at different levels such as foundation, undergraduate, pre-masters and postgraduate courses in the UK. So, you can consider September as the best time to start your higher education journey.

But, if you want to apply for the September 2023 intake and your qualifications don’t match the entry requirements of your desired UK university, don’t get frustrated. AIMS Education is your one stop study solution. And we are always ready to provide better services to make your dreams come true. So, always contact us as you can take our advisor’s help to get the alternative option to study abroad.

Basic entry requirements at UK universities for September intake-

The UK is a centre of top-notch universities in the world. And there is no doubt, the education system in the UK is recognised world-wide. There are no specific entry criteria for UK universities. Usually, the universities in the UK create the entry requirement according to their choice. Yet, there are some specific required documents for every university. So, let’s talk about it.

  • Valid Passport
  • Original Certificate documents of your all academic qualifications.
  • Updated CV
  • You must provide an English proficiency certificate if you are not a native English speaker. Each university has its fixed English proficiency requirement. So before taking the proficiency test, know properly how much you need to score.
  • You must pass an interview to successfully enroll in the leading universities in the UK.

As September is the primary intake in the UK, you’ll find numerous study options with many more opportunities. So, without any further do grab the opportunity to study at the top-notch university in the UK in Upcoming September 2023 intake.


Q: When should I give the English test for the September intake?

Ans: You should sit for the IELTS exam at least a month before the test date. However, take the preparation for the IELTS exam at least 6 months before.

Q: How many intakes are there in the UK?

Ans: There are 3 intakes in the UK. The January intake, May intake, and the September intake. You can find most of the courses and universities that offer the courses in September.

Q: Is UCAS open for September 2023 entry?

Ans: Yes, UCAS is open for September 2023 entry. You can make an application and payment through UCAS now.

Q: What is the deadline for September intake UK 2023?

Ans: There is no specific deadline for September intake in the UK 2023. Different universities have different deadlines. However, it would be better to apply before June if you want to take the scholarship. However, if you want to apply after that, we, AIMS Education, can help you get admitted in the September intake.

Q: Can I apply for September 2023 intake now?

Ans: Yes, you can apply for the September intake right now. Contact our expert counselors for better guidance.

Q: Can I apply for September 2023 intake in the UK?

Ans: Yes, you can apply for September 2023 intake in the UK. September is also called the fall intake because almost every UK university offers numerous courses in this particular intake and the number of seats are huge in September intake. So, if you want to study in the UK, September will be the best time to make an application to your preferred university.

Q: Is September intake available in the UK for international students?

Ans: Yes, September intake is available in the UK for international students. September is also called the fall intake and is the most popular in the UK.

Q: Is September intake available in the UK?

Ans: Yes, September intake is available in the UK. Among the 3 intakes in the UK, the September intake is the most chosen and prominent one. You can find every course available in this intake.