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If you want to study in the UK, you must hear about the UK Health Insurance. The NHS (National Health Services) is one of the best healthcare systems in the world. UK health insurance provides students with a wide range of services through NHS, including appointments with the doctor, dental care, and hospital treatment.

What is the UK immigration healthcare surcharge?

The healthcare surcharge or health insurance is an additional fee that you must pay as part of your visa application. If you are applying for a student visa in the UK and coming to the UK for six months or longer, you must get health insurance. By paying the immigration health surcharge, you can get free health care like the residents of the UK.

Paying the IHS means you will get emergency medical services in the UK, including hospital and further medical treatment. But keep in mind that you have to pay for eye tests, dental treatments, and prescriptions.

How to pay the immigration health surcharge?

You need to pay the healthcare surcharge/ health insurance as part of the application process when making an immigration application online. You must return to the online immigration application by completing the payment within 30 minutes. However, if you apply for a post, you must pay IHS online before completing your application. You have to pay the healthcare surcharge by credit or debit cards.

The information you will be asked for while applying online or offline.

While applying online, an international student will be asked for-

  • The start and end dates of the certificate of sponsorship.
  • The course dates.

While applying offline, an international student will be asked for-

  • The visa type you are applying for.
  • Travel document and passport number.
  • An email address.

How much does an international student need to pay for health insurance?

The exact amount to pay for health insurance in the UK depends on the length of the visa. You will have to pay-

  • £470 Per year for students or youth mobility scheme visas.
  • £470 per year for students who are under 18.
  • £235 for the students who want to stay in the UK for 6 months or less.

What is NHS?

NHS ( National Health Service) is the 10 digits unique identifier number. To identify you correctly, UK healthcare service providers use this number. The number is for your identification. You do not need this number to get the NHS services. When you get your health insurance done, you will get the NHS services like a citizen of the UK.

How to find the NHS number?

  • You can find the NHS number through the documents and letters sent to you by NHS. Such as the prescriptions, test results, hospital letters etc.
  • You can find the NHS number on the NHS website.
  • You can call your GP surgery to get your NHS number.

When can a student start to use the NHS services?

As an international student, you can use the NHS services when-

  • You have paid the health insurance/ healthcare surcharge.
  • The application for your visa and immigration is granted.

After accessing the healthcare insurance, an international student needs to provide-

  • Biometric residence permit.
  • Use your share code to prove your status online.

Do the NHS cover all the healthcare services?

You can’t get all the healthcare services by making health insurance through NHS. You need to pay for specific services such as prescriptions, dental treatment, eye tests, and assisted conception.

What services does an international student get through NHS?

After getting registered with the national health services by paying the health insurance, you will get all the facilities provided by the NHS. Here we will discuss the benefits NHS will deliver to the international students.

NHS covered services

  • You can consult a doctor by visiting a government-funded clinic.
  • Consultation with your GP.
  • In an emergency, you can get hospital treatment.
  • Public clinics will offer you treatment for minor injuries.
  • You can consult with a specialist after getting referred by a general practitioner.
  • Maternal issues like contraception.

What is the GP register, and how to register for a GP surgery?

The GP register lists doctors who are available and eligible for appointments and work as general practitioners in the UK. GPs are highly skilled doctors and offer great care to the citizens of the UK.

So how to register for a GP surgery in the UK?

Anyone in the UK can register for a completely free GP surgery. Most of the general practitioners in the UK own a website. You can register through it. If you have missed the online process, you can contact via phone call, email or by visiting the clinic.

Usually, you do not need an ID proof to register with a GP, but you might get help if you have the following documents. They are- passport, birth certificate, hostel/accommodation certificate etc.

To know more about health insurance, like who is bound to do it and who can be exempted from it, you can visit our student consultancy firm, AIMS Education. The experienced counsellors of AIMS Education can help you from application to visa processing. Make your study abroad journey easy and simple with the AIMS education-a student consultancy firm.

FAQ– Frequently asked questions

Q. Is it mandatory to pay the health insurance/ health surcharge?

Ans: Yes, paying the health insurance/ health surcharge with your visa application fees is mandatory.

Q. Who does not need to pay the health insurance / IHS reference number?

⦿ If you are applying for indefinite leave.
⦿ If you are a health and care worker.
⦿ If you are applying to the EU settlement scheme.
⦿ If you are a diplomate or a member of an armed force.
⦿ If you are under 18 and taken care of by the local authority.
⦿ If you are applying for the Isle of Man or channel island.
⦿ If you are an asylum seeker.

Q. Can I get the money back from health insurance?

Ans: Yes, health insurance money is refundable when your visa gets rejected, or you withdraw your application before the decision has been made.

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